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Polar & rail included - sq. ft.

Polar & rail included - sq. ft.

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Polar is the new trendy synthetic palm leaf for DIY projects. It offers a unique combination of modernity, chic and exoticism. Get a professional result with this innovative product.

Installation: Fixing on structure with rail system.
Note: The rail is calculated and included in the purchase of the Polar product.

Polar Specifications:

Sheet Dimension: +/- L 39" X H 24"
One sheet covers 1.48 sq. ft.
3 sheets include 1 rail


Polymer sheet type (HDPE high density polyethylene).
Anti-UV treated in the mass.
Tainted in the mass.
High resistance.
Recycled and recyclable.
100% recyclable.

Colour: Coco-White.

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